Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm not ready

Yesterday at football practice the kids were working in smaller groups with the coaches. David was with the head coach running drills when his daughter and 3 of her friends walked up to the group. The coach stopped what he was doing with the kids and introduced all 4 girls to David. Just David. Um.

David shook all their hands and said “Hey” in his deepest man voice.

Later the girls sat behind us and I could hear their conversation. They had no idea I was David’s mom. I wont repeat everything they talked about – but let’s just say I am also not ready for 6th grade health class.

The coaches wife came up and asked the girls if they were behaving (the answer is no) and one of the girls very excitedly says “We met David!!”

I’m not OK. I’m not ready.

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