Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DO NOT TRUST Michael Jerabek and Michael J Realty, Michael J Real Estate LLC

Michael Jerabek and Michael J Realty, Michael J Real Estate LLC
Western Washington, Renton, Tacoma, Olympia, Seattle

I am writing this post because I wish I had found something like this before I allowed this man into my house. Hopefully people considering renting to him will stumble across this in their google search and be forewarned.

If you are considering renting to this man- DON’T!

He is about as dishonest a person as I have ever met. And that is saying a lot. He is the worst renter I have ever had in my house.

He stiffed me on rent and several months worth of utility bills. Started moving out when I was out of town and tried to sneak out of the house in the middle of the day. After saying that morning that he was leaving to get the money he owed me. He acknowledged to me that he did in fact owe me the money and he was going to make it right. Then he came back with a trailer and started loading his stuff up.

He promised me for weeks that I would be receiving money from him- leaving the house to “pick up his check” and not coming back until everyone in the house was asleep. This went on for weeks. Until he knew I was no longer going to accept it, then he tried to sneak out.

He has no conscious about how his actions affect other people and is only interested in things that benefit him.

Besides the financial aspect, even if he offers to pay rent and utilities upfront. He is a miserable person to live with. I have never had to flush the toilet for a grown man before. Nor have I had someone break so many things in my house in such a short time and refuse to take responsibility or replace them. His kids have no discipline from him and no responsibilities. Between the kids and Michael Jerabek your house will not last long.

I hope that if you are considering renting to this man you will reconsider. He is a compulsive liar and cannot be trusted. No matter how religious and faithful he claims to be. It’s all lies. I wish someone had warned me.

As far as business is concerned, I have never hired him to work for me Michael J Realty. But considering the dishonesty in his personal life I would not trust him to sell my home. But again…..that is your choice.

If you got to this blog post because you have met him on a dating site and you want to know what its really like to live with him, email me. I will fill you in.

He is pathetic excuse for a man. And refuses to take responsibility for his actions and the affects it has on other people. I just wish I knew before he had such a dramatic affect on my life and my son’s.

I actually wonder if he didn't spend his time trolling craigslist for someone to take advantage of. I would not be surprised if he did this all the time.

Michael Jerabek- if you are reading this. I will see you in court.

EDIT: I just discovered that he in fact never intended on paying me. He has been placing ads for a new place to stay for weeks. He is a con man desguised as a Christian. I don't know how he lives with himself. So I know now I am not the first person he has done this to, but hopefully with the help of google- I will be the last.