Monday, December 8, 2008

VERY Important Person(s)- Tacoma

Tacoma VIP…..

We were eventually let in, out of the cold. The check in process and everything seemed to run much smoother. We had planned on being in line early so we could sit next to the curtain area. We did neither. We were pretty far back in the line, as evidenced in the pic in the previous post and there were no seats near the curtained off area.
They seemed much more relaxed about the cameras in Tacoma as well. Basically we could keep them with us, but if we take them out, there will be consequences. It ran much smoother this time.

Although I wish I had been brave enough to take a couple of pics while we were waiting for the guys to show up. But I’m a wimp. And it wasn’t worth risking it.

We walk into the room they had set up for the VIP and Oh. My. God. It was pathetic. The VIP room in Vancouver was so much nicer… this one? Looked like a school gym. There were 9’ round tables set up with chairs, but as it turns out, not enough chairs for all of the people who paid $400 for the VIP. The food? SUCKED. I was told it sucked in Vancouver too, but was too preoccupied with the bar to notice. At one point one of the tables ran out of food completely and we were told they will not be restocking anything (this was about 20 minutes into the VIP). So I had some hummus- which I don’t even like, but needed to eat.

They had Mike’s hard lemonade, but no “bar” It was 2 tables with people standing behind them and buckets of ice with drinks in it. My BBQ’s are more impressive. We were all dead tired from the night before and the lack of sleep. The energy in the room (thankfully) was a little more subdued….no screeching or pounding on tables. But the people were pretty friendly.

The radio station gave away separate Meet & Greets and we saw them lined up in the hallway. On the way to the bathroom, one of them stopped me to find out what “Facetime” was…..gotta love the dedicated fans who win those contests huh?

The Radio M&G was in the room next door. At one point some stupid fan decided to try the door that separated the rooms….it opened. We got a little peek into the other M&G, but security was NOT happy.

Autumn was basically asleep at the table and wasn’t feeling well, so she was limited to water and I got her drink tickets. SCORE! At one point I thought, she might want to leave. But she held on.

We saw the guys come in but they went right into the curtained off area. Even with a glance you could tell how tired they all were….poor babies…..we found out later the reason they stayed in Vancouver is because they were rehearsing non stop for the AMA’s and it showed. The vibe in Tacoma was WAY different than Vancouver, and had I NOT been to Vancouver I might have left Tacoma feeling disappointed. But we met some really fun girls in group R who kept us entertained while we waited. And waited.

We were in group L. The photos were rushed, even more so than Vancouver. Missy was trying her best to hide the turkey she had gotten for Joe’s son. But the ILAA rep busted her and forced her to leave it behind. They said they would give all the gifts to management who would get it to the guys. Missy wasn’t having it. She told them to leave the turkey with her purse.

We got in line. Chatted with the girls in our group. There was another Jon girl, and her friend didn’t care. Autumn was a Joe girl, but so was Missy and she was on a mission since she didn’t even SEE Joe the night before. Shana & I were both going to try to talk to Donnie, but I really wanted my pic to be near Jon….if I could swing it. Maria likes Donnie too, but I don’t think she was feeling super motivated to get past the other girls to him. And then there were the mole people.

We walked in and it was SO FAST, it was hard to even remember.

Missy went straight to Joe. I ended up in the corner. Jon was off in the opposite corner until picture time again and the 2 other girls snagged him as soon as he was done. DAMMIT! I saw Joe, he mentioned seeing Missy’s shirt the night before (cuz I was wearing the same one) and she gave me props for designing it. =) I went in the back to talk to Donnie. I was waiting patiently for Donnie, not paying any attention to anyone else and Danny walks up to me. Maria and I were standing there trying to have a conversation with him, but of all the guys he is the douchiest and when I tried to engage him in an actual conversation, I got some BS canned response about how he loves meeting fans every night. Did ya even HEAR what I said Danny?

I got to hug Donnie a couple of times but ended up in the back AGAIN for pictures…..fair warning: that will NOT happen in the summer. I will be next to a new kid dammit, look out….even if you ARE my friend, I will not hesitate to knock you down. Mark my words.

Autumn was still feeling a little sluggish, until the curtains opened. Then she perked right up. I am not sure exactly how it happened, but Jordan walked up to her, said something about the fact that they were matching in their vests and led her to a seat in the front row. Apparently as he was leading her to the chair he was singing in her ear. Jordan sang in her ear! That is priceless.

Shana was all about Donnie and spent most of the time back there chatting with him and grabbing his ass. I think at one point she apologized for it and Donnie told her she could leave it there if she wanted.

We got in place for the picture with Maria & I on the side. Autumn next to Jordan, Shana with Donnie and Missy with Joe. Time to take the first picture…..They say ready? 1…2….and Jordan yells “BLOWJOB!!”. They are still teenagers at heart. 2nd picture 1….2….Joe yells “SWALLOW!” Which tickles Jordan so much he launches out of his chair to laugh in the corner.

After the pictures I got one more Donnie hug as Shana was talking to Danny. Remember how I said he was the douchiest? Well he was standing in the corner texting. Cuz he “LOVES meeting so many fans every night”. To be fair he probably has to fight for attention which must get old. But to be TEXTING?! Shana called him out. Told him he shouldn’t be on his phone, people here want to meet him. His response? “Do YOU make the rules?” Shana then told him; well kinda….we paid a lot of money for this…..His response? “I got your rules right here!” as he grabbed his junk… surreal.

So the OTHER people in our group. We have dubbed them- the mole people. No, not cuz they have moles, but because they were so pale and gaunt looking, it looked like they hadn’t venture outside in 15 years…..maybe since NKOTB broke up….who knows…..
So before the pictures, they have gifts for some of the guys. Here is a transcript of one of the conversations:

Mole person #1: “Hey Donnie- I heard you like McDonalds!”
Donnie F*cking Wahlberg: “Um, I guess so…….”
MP1: “Great! I got you some Mcd’s Gift cards!”
DF’nW: “Oh….um…..Thank you?”

It was classic. Next year we are going to try to arrange an entire VIP group ourselves. Mole people need not apply.

So its time to leave, I still haven’t seen Jon, but it’s a lost cause at this point. They are pushing us out of the room and Missy is the last to leave, she has been chatting with Joe the entire time. She told Joe that she had a gift for him to give to his son, but ILAA wouldn’t let her bring it in. He asked her where it was, and she told him it was on the table just on the other side of the curtain. Joe told her to go get it and told security to let her. It was awesome. So she got to deliver the turkey…..if only that turkey could talk……

So we go to sit back down and wait for them to let us out. As the groups finish up and the guys turn to leave I am for some reason standing near the curtain/exit. They start walking out, the entire room cheers and Joe holds the turkey over his head like a trophy it was awesome. Had I been near my purse I would have taken a picture, because at that point….escort me out, who cares?

I decide we should get our $400 worth. So I gather the unused drink tickets and get all Mike’s hard lemonade. They are in plastic bottles and have screw on lids so we can pack them into out VIP gift bags and take them into the arena, no money and no lines for booze!

Only the lady behind the “bar” caught on to my game plan and opened all the lemonades and kept the lids. DAMN YOU! But we fixed it by scrounging our table and others for empty bottles with lids. I made it back to my seat with 3 drinks in my bag. Which I shared with Autumn, by then she was feeling better.

I was hoping to have better seats for Tacoma since I bought them within a few days of them going on sale. And I did! Autumn & I were in the 3rd row. But since the stage came out a little the first row was only a partial one, so technically we were kind of 2nd row. It was awesome.

PHEW! That’s a lot of blogging today….concert recaps to come…another day, with plenty of pictures since I took over 300 and so did Missy. I also have a Girswold Christmas story to share, with pictures. My sister and I have decided our family tree must have root rot or something, makes us stupid. More later.

Here are the Tacoma VIP pics.


  1. OMG...I think I will laugh out loud EVERY time I hear about the mole people!!! I am sitting at my desk DYING about the McD's story...again! I love it!

  2. It makes me so happy to read about our weekend! Fan-f*cking-Tastic. SOOOOO glad I stuck through feeling poopy!

  3. WOW! I'm surprised Danny reacted the way he did. I was in Group H, and he was nothing but incredibly sweet and genuine. I had a great conversation with him. The other guys, I didn't get to talk to too much. Donnie seemed the most sluggish out of the all the guys, completely disinterested in being there. Too bad it was my only 5*. I'm hoping to do at least two 5*s next year.