Monday, December 8, 2008

Homeward Bound

I was going to post about the Vancouver concert and go in order….. but since there is a lot less to share about the concerts, I will post about them both later in one post.

So after the Vancouver concert was over, we headed to our sweet parking spot. We decided that we were TOO tired to try to wait around for the buses, so we just headed down to Tacoma as soon as we could.

The ride home was….um…..interesting. Some of us were drunk, some of us were aggravated and all of us were starving. But the lack of drive thrus in rural northern WA at 1 a.m. made it difficult to find ANYTHING to eat.

So we stop at a gas station to pee (Maureen refuses to use rest areas) and grab some snacks….
Danyal & Maureen head off to the restroom, I run in to get beer and snacks….What? You always need more beer.

Our Cooler....I'm like McGyver!

After dropping the stuff off in the car, I go to find the bathroom. Which is outside the gas station….never good.

I walk around the back of the building knowing I didn’t really have to pee, but because of missing the freeway on ramp in Vancouver (its tradition!) Missy & Shana were about 20 minutes ahead of us, and we had to make up some time, so better pee now.

The door is shut, but its obviously just a one toilet, one sink kind of situation, So I tried the door. Locked, of course.

But I could tell the girls were jumpy. As was I…..if Autumn hadn’t been standing out there with me, it would have been scary…..around the backside of a building with no lights, no people and nothing behind you but a freeway and a field, just perfect for hiding bodies…..Anyway…..Just because I’m mean spirited I grabbed a hold of that door and shook it, hard. They both screamed, LOUD. It was very satisfying.

So the door gets unlocked….because who is going to see you when there is an empty field. I walk into the bathroom and Danyal is peeing in the “stall” and Maureen is standing in the corner, facing the wall with her hood up and cinched all the way tight.

It was like a scene out of Blair Witch. I honestly wish I could think to run back to my car to get my camera, because no description would do this bathroom any justice. I have never seen anything like it. It was the MOST disgusting place I have ever seen….I can’t even talk about it….Except I just did. For 3 paragraphs- really? Anyway, we all vowed never to speak of it again….oops- sorry Maureen- I bet you’ll reconsider state maintained rest areas now!

So we all get back in the car, douse ourselves with antibacterial gel and get back on the road. Everyone but me fell asleep, which actually made the drive pretty peaceful. I turned the radio up and sang all the way home. It was the only way to keep myself awake. I would say driving home after the show might not have been the BEST idea….but, when I felt myself slipping, I chain smoked and we made it in one piece. Without incident. YAY for us.

I dropped Maureen and Danyal off and Autumn & I went to meet Shana & Missy at the Murano.

The room was nice, but honestly….it was nothing compared to the Sutton Place…..but hey- you can’t expect full 2 bedroom suites everywhere you go….can you?

We looked through pictures and crashed….HARD….at about 4:30 am.

Shana was still on east coast time, so she was up early. SO Missy got up early…and made phone calls. So needless to say without separate bedrooms, we were all up….at 7:30. *sigh* it’s once in a lifetime right?!

Since we were up, Missy connected with some other blockhead friends of hers. Some from the boards, some from back in the day. We took showers and got ready, ordered some room service and had about 10 people in our room at one point.

Waiting to leave......

Gettin' Purdy

Blockheads unite!

One of Missy’s friends spent the morning trying to track down the guys. We were sure if they stayed in Tacoma, it would be at the Murano, but so far, no sightings. So phone calls were made and she found a manager, an assistant and some other people were staying at the Best Western near the T-dome. The Best Western? THE BEST WESTERN? No offense to the Best Western but WTF would the guys stay there for?

Missy & Shana were ready to go, Autumn & I were moving a little slower, so they left to stake out the BW. We took our time getting ready, thought about taking a nap and met the girls at the hotel. It had this great little setup for stalking, the restaurant had a patio area in the lobby, right in front of the elevators. SO we sat, drank coffee and soda and waited for the bar to open. Shana & Missy saw Zach- freshly showered coming out of the elevator (Zach is Donnie’s personal assistant) so we thought…..I guess they COULD be staying at the BW…..but its still hard to believe. We saw the dancers, chatted with the bus drivers. And hung out with some cool blockheads (also some REALLY ANNOYING blockheads).
Missy & Shana @ BW

Best Western "Cafe"

Once we realized they stayed in Vancouver Friday night, we all hung out at the bar. We could see the bus entrance from the bar, so everytime the girls all ran to one area and raised their signs, we knew something was going on.

Missy and her gift for Joe

One more keep warm.......

We went outside just in time to see Jon entering the T-Dome. He walked by, waved and hid behind a van smoking. Then he came out and did this funny little hop thing…and went inside it was cute. We had a couple drinks and went to get in line for the VIP.

Tacoma VIP Girls
Click Click Click
Tacoma VIP Line
Missy- Trying to sneak in Griffin's turkey

I started some sh*t with the Kiss 106.1 reps. they were pimping their station, passing out bumper stickers etc. I said….if we put these on our cars….does that mean you will start playing some NKOTB? The b*tch got instantly defensive and said “we played them this summer” “Um….its November…” Then I think I may have told her where she can put her sticker. *shrug* I was sleep deprived. We danced and sang….KISS was playing their new album (bet they had to take the plastic off in the parking lot) and some old stuff. The dancing kept us warm….since they left us waiting outside for WAY too long….

They finally started letting us in at about 5:15 SHARP. Apparently while we were in line, we missed Donnie’s entrance and it was quite the scene.

The Tacoma VIP deserves its own post.....

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  1. OMG, I totally wanted to say something to the KISS people when they were passing out the window clings in the VIP line, but I kept my mouth shut. I was actually stunned that they were at the concert actually playing the Block CD and giving out tickets. They certainly didn't deserve that privilege!