Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 Here I come!

I suck.

How lame is it that it’s now 5 days after Christmas and I got nuthin?

I haven’t even uploaded the Christmas pictures off my camera yet. But you will damn sure know if nkotb post any news- there is something wrong with this picture. AH- well. C’est la vie!

So Christmas went just fine thankyouverymuch.
I was worried. Plans fell through. Things change. Emergencies happen.

We bounce.

That’s what we do.

We ended up having a non-traditional dinner on Christmas Eve. My dad wanted to go to Happy Dragon, the entire thing seemed a little too “A Christmas Story” for me and after about 7 minutes of singing Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra we decided to go to Sakuras instead. Man, I love that place. Grandma & Grandpa came with us. I am sure my brother in law missed our bouillabaisse tradition since he only gets to participate about every 3 years, but nothing says Christmas like onion volcano’s and singed eyebrows.

I have to say, although it was not my first choice, it was rather nice to have the kids home and in bed at a reasonable time. Since we all know kids fight hard NOT to go to sleep Christmas Eve, starting the process a couple of hours earlier doesn’t hurt my feelings.

Santa came and left. The kids had a great time and got WAY too much stuff. Santa doesn’t know when to stop. When to say enough is enough, Santa’s credit cards cant take this abuse for much longer.

We went to a movie, which has become our new Christmas Day tradition since my mom moved to the top of some god forsaken mountain to become a hippy. We saw Bedtime Stories…..What can I say? Not my favorite. We chose it because we thought it would be best for David. It couldn’t keep him entertained; he was out of his seat for half of it. Thankfully David chose seats in the very back row. Right underneath the rotisserie heater. Can you get kicked out of a movie theater for sitting in just your bra?

Here is my thought for the day: 2008 can suck my big toe. (SO GROSS! I can’t believe I even typed that)

2008 was NOT my friend. With the exception of the nkotb reunion and my AMAZING new kids weekend with my friends- 2008 pretty much beat my ass. No joke.

I have decided that the universe is going to hit me with some good karma in 2009. I am buying lotto tickets in preparation.

I have to say 2008 was almost completely salvaged by our mini NK tour. That one weekend almost made up entirely for all the stress, hurt, crying and pain 2008 dumped in my lap. But take nkotb out of the equation and it might just be the worst year ever. If not for the 5 bad brothers from beantown land- Well. I’ll just say THANK YOU for giving me something to be happy about and to look forward to. BRING ON 2009!

I will post Christmas pictures as soon as I figure out if I got any good ones.

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