Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 Here I come!

I suck.

How lame is it that it’s now 5 days after Christmas and I got nuthin?

I haven’t even uploaded the Christmas pictures off my camera yet. But you will damn sure know if nkotb post any news- there is something wrong with this picture. AH- well. C’est la vie!

So Christmas went just fine thankyouverymuch.
I was worried. Plans fell through. Things change. Emergencies happen.

We bounce.

That’s what we do.

We ended up having a non-traditional dinner on Christmas Eve. My dad wanted to go to Happy Dragon, the entire thing seemed a little too “A Christmas Story” for me and after about 7 minutes of singing Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra we decided to go to Sakuras instead. Man, I love that place. Grandma & Grandpa came with us. I am sure my brother in law missed our bouillabaisse tradition since he only gets to participate about every 3 years, but nothing says Christmas like onion volcano’s and singed eyebrows.

I have to say, although it was not my first choice, it was rather nice to have the kids home and in bed at a reasonable time. Since we all know kids fight hard NOT to go to sleep Christmas Eve, starting the process a couple of hours earlier doesn’t hurt my feelings.

Santa came and left. The kids had a great time and got WAY too much stuff. Santa doesn’t know when to stop. When to say enough is enough, Santa’s credit cards cant take this abuse for much longer.

We went to a movie, which has become our new Christmas Day tradition since my mom moved to the top of some god forsaken mountain to become a hippy. We saw Bedtime Stories…..What can I say? Not my favorite. We chose it because we thought it would be best for David. It couldn’t keep him entertained; he was out of his seat for half of it. Thankfully David chose seats in the very back row. Right underneath the rotisserie heater. Can you get kicked out of a movie theater for sitting in just your bra?

Here is my thought for the day: 2008 can suck my big toe. (SO GROSS! I can’t believe I even typed that)

2008 was NOT my friend. With the exception of the nkotb reunion and my AMAZING new kids weekend with my friends- 2008 pretty much beat my ass. No joke.

I have decided that the universe is going to hit me with some good karma in 2009. I am buying lotto tickets in preparation.

I have to say 2008 was almost completely salvaged by our mini NK tour. That one weekend almost made up entirely for all the stress, hurt, crying and pain 2008 dumped in my lap. But take nkotb out of the equation and it might just be the worst year ever. If not for the 5 bad brothers from beantown land- Well. I’ll just say THANK YOU for giving me something to be happy about and to look forward to. BRING ON 2009!

I will post Christmas pictures as soon as I figure out if I got any good ones.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And yet again

I'm going to need to get a 2nd job to support my NKOTB habit. Please don't call intervention, I don't want to be in a documentary about addiction.

Anybody hiring for a proficient googler? A professional stalker? You can pay me in New Kids tickets.

December 17th, 2008

Happy Holidays from DONNIE

Hey All,

Just wanted to take a second to say Happy Holidays to all of you!!!

Its been an amazing year for me and I hope it has been one for you too!

I hope in some small way- we may have done something to help bring a smile to some of your faces.

I can tell you that meeting so many of you, hearing the kind stories you shared, feeling the love from you, has brought so much joy to me.

I owe so much to so many of you.

I don’t want to get sappy here- but there were so many monents to look back on…

So many fun meetings…

So many fun moments…

From Ping Pong Girl, to the Waffle House Girls, to my pal Ryan in Toronto, and on and on and on….

2008 started out as one of the toughest years of my life…. But damn it finished well!!!!

At holiday time… I am so grateful to all of you for that.

So now I gotta go on a mission to do the same for you in 2009!!!!!!!

08 was fun….

09 can be funner!!

08 was big…

09 must be BIGGER!!!!

Its time to get fired up!!!!

Do you think its gonna stop in 09???

Do you really think we would walk away now???


Man… We’re just giving you all a second to re-charge your batteries!!!!!!

Get your mind right!!!

Get your head straight!!!!

FACE TIME CONTINUES IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas.

Happy Hanukkah.

Happy Kwanzaa.

Oh yeah… Did I mention NEW YEARS????

Where you gonna be at???

Here is my resolution….

2009 WILL GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!


1st up- EUROPE!!!!!!!!

As Always Your Man!!!

~Donnie W

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

NKOTB Tour Success Story

I cant believe its happening again! My heart cant take it, neither can my wallet. Missy & I have come up with a plan, its just going to have to go into effect sooner than we thought.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Our family tree has root rot

Last weekend my sister came up. Since we are doing Christmas at my house this year we decided it would be fun for the kids to all pick out and decorate the Christmas tree together. To add to adventure we decided to cut our own tree down. It doesn’t save much money, but it’s definitely more fun.

The plan was for Carrie & me to go and cut the tree down, which would have been exciting all by itself, with the 2 of us cutting down a tree. Which prompted Missy to beg “PLEASE blog about it”.

Well it turns out that the cutting of the tree was uneventful. Not worthy of its own blog. My dad ended up going. We went to a tree farm near Olympia. It had a petting zoo, a tractor to take us to the different areas of the trees and to help us haul our trees back. Santa was there. David was feeling very awkward about sitting on Santa’s lap….maybe he’s getting too old for it? That would make me sad. Luke was terrified and wanted nothing to do with it. He took off running as soon as Carrie let him go.
At the petting zoo
David with Santa
Wagon Ride to the trees
Luke with Papa....just cuz I love this picture

We rode the tractor to the Noble area and wandered around for a little while. I was feeling very picky and found something wrong with every tree. There was one in particular that I was strongly considering. But I wanted to keep looking. We marked it so we would recognize it when we came back and went to another area. I was looking at some other trees, but when I saw people near the tree I originally wanted and that made my decision. Apparently I just needed to THINK somebody might take my tree. So we hauled a$$ back to the tree. DIBS!

Since dad was there, we didn’t have to cut the tree down ourselves. Although my dad would have liked us to volunteer, and would have gladly stepped aside, my reverse psychology skills are beyond comprehension.

“Dad, I don’t know about you being down on your knees sawing a tree, I’m a little worried…..are you going to be able to get back up?!’
*evil grin*

There were quite a few choice words coming out from under that tree…..think “A Christmas Story” and you will get the general idea.
Old man, under a tree
Brett helping Papa
David Helping Papa

Apparently my “perfect tree” had the WIDEST trunk ever known to man. It was quite the chore. Carrie & I were only responsible for holding the tree once dad got half way through sawing it. We failed….. Miserably…. and the tree fell. Oddly it didn’t fall away from the cut, it fell backwards. Onto dad. I wasn’t quick enough with my camera, but I am sure you can imagine it.

That was the most exciting part of the day….

We took the tree back on the tractor. I went inside to pay for it. Dad took the tree to get in line to have it shaken and bundled. As they were unloading it off the tractor, the guy said “Oh. This one must have been by the road huh?” “Uh….yeah…..” “Yeah, I can tell” I should have known that would be a bad omen, but I’m a stupid girl.

I went in to pay and find some twine to tie the tree down while they shook my tree. My dad said it was like something out of a Charlie Brown cartoon. Once they put it on the shaker a cloud of dust arose and was so big, people around started coughing. They shook it twice to get all the dust out and the boy scouts who volunteer at this farm were beating it with sticks.

Well! At least they got all the dirt out!

So we take the tree home. I put it in a bucket of water (still bound) so it is ready for us when we get ready to put it up in the morning.

Carrie & I took the kids to Zoolights. Note to self: Next year, go on a weeknight. It was worse than Disneyland. I have never feared that my child (and nephews) could be swept away in a mass of people before. We walked around with a death grip on the kids. I was literally afraid.

The next morning we got up, got dressed. I brought the tree in. Dad had stopped by, so he helped us get it in the stand, but he HATES stringing lights, so he left immediately after it was in the stand. Not that I blame him. Too early for reverse psychology.

We cut the twine bundled around the tree and let the branches fall. It was perfect…..leaning a little, but perfect.

I put in the Alabama Christmas CD (Thistle Hair anyone?) and start stringing lights. When Adam gets up, I pass the responsibility on to him. While I am stringing the lights, I have to stop and wash my hands every few minutes because of the dirt on this tree. It’s disheartening but not a deal breaker……

The lights get strung. But somewhere in the process everything gets screwed up. We started with the female end at the top of the tree and somehow we ended up with a female end at the bottom of the tree. How is that EVEN possible? We also encountered a problem that wasn’t a problem last year…..2 of the strands plug into each other, but will not plug into the other strands…..WTF? Aren’t they all universal?

By this time we had been working on this tree for almost 2 hours.

Carrie & I went to 2 stores to try to find more blue lights since this tree is bigger than previous years and the reject light strings weren’t playing well with others. Kmart apparently had a sale (blue light special?), so the only blue lights we could find were 35 light strands. We figured 3 or so of those equaled 1 regular strand and its better than nothing. So we got them. Except, afterwards we discovered that these ones didn’t plug into ANYTHING! It was just a strand of lights that was all on its own….*sigh* I am starting to resent Christmas.

I send Adam to Home Depot to get an adaptor. After the sales people finished whipping him with vertical blinds for daring to ask for a plug adaptor with 2 male ends…..something about not “electrically safe” or some crap……someone suggests getting a green extension cord, hook it into the middle of the tree, where the male end now lives and running it down the trunk to the wall. EUREKA! Of course, they don’t carry green extension cords, so Adam gets black. Whatever works. I also have him pick up a rake cuz ours sucks and we haven’t raked the leaves up yet, our neighbors are starting to talk.

He gets back, finishes stringing the lights and something else is wrong. Shocked? Me either.

The lights which have a craziest path ever known to man in order to get the plug end from the middle of the tree to the bottom; now refuse to plug into the wall. Why? Who knows, everything worked last year….no idea how 2 light strings changed their configuration and how the wall outlet now seems to be European.

We need an adaptor. Thankfully, we have one of those in the house…..have we had this problem before? Nah.

Adam fits the adaptor to the new extension cord and tries to plus it into the wall….At this point I am outside visiting while my neighbor fixes my trampoline for the 3rd time….Adam comes out, asks to borrow his pliers…..He takes them and walks inside saying “Um, I really don’t want to die today” I have NO idea what he did to the lights/extension cord/adaptor. All I know is the tree was lit when I got inside. Of course I cant figure out how to turn them on, Adam has to do that every night, but no harm- no foul.

This is turning into the longest blog known to man……my apologies……

So the tree is lit!!! YAY!!!

Um…what’s WRONG with it? Why does it look dead? We DID just cut this down right?

After the lights are on you can totally see that the entire thing is covered in dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. The tree is brown and doesn’t even smell like a tree. It smells like dirt.

We call a meeting of the Christmas tree crisis committee (me, my brother & sister) and debate our options. We can take the tree outside fully lit (finally) and hose it off and hope we don’t electrocute ourselves. Or we can de-light the entire tree and take it outside and hose it off. Or we can leave it as is and call it a Charlie BROWN Christmas…..Taking it outside lit was my vote…..but it was already in the stand, in water….Carrie didn’t feel like shocking her kids who were planning on hanging the ornaments, she voted to de-light the thing and re-string them. Adam voted for none of the above, we spent about 4 hours lighting this damn tree.

None of the proposal presented to the committee involved using the newly purchased rake (still packaged) to whack the tree repeatedly until our entire house was covered in dirt.

Adam taking our his frustrations on innocent foliage

What you get when you "beat your tree" -DUST


After about 2 hours of cleaning, you can ALMOST walk barefoot in my house again.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time Marches on....

"Mom, is it true that when a girl hits you for no reason it's because she likes you?"

"Well, yeah sometimes....or sometimes you just made her mad.....Why?"

"Because Carson said if a girl punches you for no reason, it's because she likes you- like a boyfriend"

"Well, why do you ask is some girl punching you?"

"Yeah.....Kaitlin O'Hare punches me for NO REASON AT ALL"

"Well David, it might be because she likes you or because she's mad...either way you aren't allowed to hit her back"

"I know....I can't believe she likes me for a boyfriend...."

Monday, December 8, 2008

VERY Important Person(s)- Tacoma

Tacoma VIP…..

We were eventually let in, out of the cold. The check in process and everything seemed to run much smoother. We had planned on being in line early so we could sit next to the curtain area. We did neither. We were pretty far back in the line, as evidenced in the pic in the previous post and there were no seats near the curtained off area.
They seemed much more relaxed about the cameras in Tacoma as well. Basically we could keep them with us, but if we take them out, there will be consequences. It ran much smoother this time.

Although I wish I had been brave enough to take a couple of pics while we were waiting for the guys to show up. But I’m a wimp. And it wasn’t worth risking it.

We walk into the room they had set up for the VIP and Oh. My. God. It was pathetic. The VIP room in Vancouver was so much nicer… this one? Looked like a school gym. There were 9’ round tables set up with chairs, but as it turns out, not enough chairs for all of the people who paid $400 for the VIP. The food? SUCKED. I was told it sucked in Vancouver too, but was too preoccupied with the bar to notice. At one point one of the tables ran out of food completely and we were told they will not be restocking anything (this was about 20 minutes into the VIP). So I had some hummus- which I don’t even like, but needed to eat.

They had Mike’s hard lemonade, but no “bar” It was 2 tables with people standing behind them and buckets of ice with drinks in it. My BBQ’s are more impressive. We were all dead tired from the night before and the lack of sleep. The energy in the room (thankfully) was a little more subdued….no screeching or pounding on tables. But the people were pretty friendly.

The radio station gave away separate Meet & Greets and we saw them lined up in the hallway. On the way to the bathroom, one of them stopped me to find out what “Facetime” was…..gotta love the dedicated fans who win those contests huh?

The Radio M&G was in the room next door. At one point some stupid fan decided to try the door that separated the rooms….it opened. We got a little peek into the other M&G, but security was NOT happy.

Autumn was basically asleep at the table and wasn’t feeling well, so she was limited to water and I got her drink tickets. SCORE! At one point I thought, she might want to leave. But she held on.

We saw the guys come in but they went right into the curtained off area. Even with a glance you could tell how tired they all were….poor babies…..we found out later the reason they stayed in Vancouver is because they were rehearsing non stop for the AMA’s and it showed. The vibe in Tacoma was WAY different than Vancouver, and had I NOT been to Vancouver I might have left Tacoma feeling disappointed. But we met some really fun girls in group R who kept us entertained while we waited. And waited.

We were in group L. The photos were rushed, even more so than Vancouver. Missy was trying her best to hide the turkey she had gotten for Joe’s son. But the ILAA rep busted her and forced her to leave it behind. They said they would give all the gifts to management who would get it to the guys. Missy wasn’t having it. She told them to leave the turkey with her purse.

We got in line. Chatted with the girls in our group. There was another Jon girl, and her friend didn’t care. Autumn was a Joe girl, but so was Missy and she was on a mission since she didn’t even SEE Joe the night before. Shana & I were both going to try to talk to Donnie, but I really wanted my pic to be near Jon….if I could swing it. Maria likes Donnie too, but I don’t think she was feeling super motivated to get past the other girls to him. And then there were the mole people.

We walked in and it was SO FAST, it was hard to even remember.

Missy went straight to Joe. I ended up in the corner. Jon was off in the opposite corner until picture time again and the 2 other girls snagged him as soon as he was done. DAMMIT! I saw Joe, he mentioned seeing Missy’s shirt the night before (cuz I was wearing the same one) and she gave me props for designing it. =) I went in the back to talk to Donnie. I was waiting patiently for Donnie, not paying any attention to anyone else and Danny walks up to me. Maria and I were standing there trying to have a conversation with him, but of all the guys he is the douchiest and when I tried to engage him in an actual conversation, I got some BS canned response about how he loves meeting fans every night. Did ya even HEAR what I said Danny?

I got to hug Donnie a couple of times but ended up in the back AGAIN for pictures…..fair warning: that will NOT happen in the summer. I will be next to a new kid dammit, look out….even if you ARE my friend, I will not hesitate to knock you down. Mark my words.

Autumn was still feeling a little sluggish, until the curtains opened. Then she perked right up. I am not sure exactly how it happened, but Jordan walked up to her, said something about the fact that they were matching in their vests and led her to a seat in the front row. Apparently as he was leading her to the chair he was singing in her ear. Jordan sang in her ear! That is priceless.

Shana was all about Donnie and spent most of the time back there chatting with him and grabbing his ass. I think at one point she apologized for it and Donnie told her she could leave it there if she wanted.

We got in place for the picture with Maria & I on the side. Autumn next to Jordan, Shana with Donnie and Missy with Joe. Time to take the first picture…..They say ready? 1…2….and Jordan yells “BLOWJOB!!”. They are still teenagers at heart. 2nd picture 1….2….Joe yells “SWALLOW!” Which tickles Jordan so much he launches out of his chair to laugh in the corner.

After the pictures I got one more Donnie hug as Shana was talking to Danny. Remember how I said he was the douchiest? Well he was standing in the corner texting. Cuz he “LOVES meeting so many fans every night”. To be fair he probably has to fight for attention which must get old. But to be TEXTING?! Shana called him out. Told him he shouldn’t be on his phone, people here want to meet him. His response? “Do YOU make the rules?” Shana then told him; well kinda….we paid a lot of money for this…..His response? “I got your rules right here!” as he grabbed his junk…..so surreal.

So the OTHER people in our group. We have dubbed them- the mole people. No, not cuz they have moles, but because they were so pale and gaunt looking, it looked like they hadn’t venture outside in 15 years…..maybe since NKOTB broke up….who knows…..
So before the pictures, they have gifts for some of the guys. Here is a transcript of one of the conversations:

Mole person #1: “Hey Donnie- I heard you like McDonalds!”
Donnie F*cking Wahlberg: “Um, I guess so…….”
MP1: “Great! I got you some Mcd’s Gift cards!”
DF’nW: “Oh….um…..Thank you?”

It was classic. Next year we are going to try to arrange an entire VIP group ourselves. Mole people need not apply.

So its time to leave, I still haven’t seen Jon, but it’s a lost cause at this point. They are pushing us out of the room and Missy is the last to leave, she has been chatting with Joe the entire time. She told Joe that she had a gift for him to give to his son, but ILAA wouldn’t let her bring it in. He asked her where it was, and she told him it was on the table just on the other side of the curtain. Joe told her to go get it and told security to let her. It was awesome. So she got to deliver the turkey…..if only that turkey could talk……

So we go to sit back down and wait for them to let us out. As the groups finish up and the guys turn to leave I am for some reason standing near the curtain/exit. They start walking out, the entire room cheers and Joe holds the turkey over his head like a trophy it was awesome. Had I been near my purse I would have taken a picture, because at that point….escort me out, who cares?

I decide we should get our $400 worth. So I gather the unused drink tickets and get all Mike’s hard lemonade. They are in plastic bottles and have screw on lids so we can pack them into out VIP gift bags and take them into the arena, no money and no lines for booze!

Only the lady behind the “bar” caught on to my game plan and opened all the lemonades and kept the lids. DAMN YOU! But we fixed it by scrounging our table and others for empty bottles with lids. I made it back to my seat with 3 drinks in my bag. Which I shared with Autumn, by then she was feeling better.

I was hoping to have better seats for Tacoma since I bought them within a few days of them going on sale. And I did! Autumn & I were in the 3rd row. But since the stage came out a little the first row was only a partial one, so technically we were kind of 2nd row. It was awesome.

PHEW! That’s a lot of blogging today….concert recaps to come…another day, with plenty of pictures since I took over 300 and so did Missy. I also have a Girswold Christmas story to share, with pictures. My sister and I have decided our family tree must have root rot or something, makes us stupid. More later.

Here are the Tacoma VIP pics.

Homeward Bound

I was going to post about the Vancouver concert and go in order….. but since there is a lot less to share about the concerts, I will post about them both later in one post.

So after the Vancouver concert was over, we headed to our sweet parking spot. We decided that we were TOO tired to try to wait around for the buses, so we just headed down to Tacoma as soon as we could.

The ride home was….um…..interesting. Some of us were drunk, some of us were aggravated and all of us were starving. But the lack of drive thrus in rural northern WA at 1 a.m. made it difficult to find ANYTHING to eat.

So we stop at a gas station to pee (Maureen refuses to use rest areas) and grab some snacks….
Danyal & Maureen head off to the restroom, I run in to get beer and snacks….What? You always need more beer.

Our Cooler....I'm like McGyver!

After dropping the stuff off in the car, I go to find the bathroom. Which is outside the gas station….never good.

I walk around the back of the building knowing I didn’t really have to pee, but because of missing the freeway on ramp in Vancouver (its tradition!) Missy & Shana were about 20 minutes ahead of us, and we had to make up some time, so better pee now.

The door is shut, but its obviously just a one toilet, one sink kind of situation, So I tried the door. Locked, of course.

But I could tell the girls were jumpy. As was I…..if Autumn hadn’t been standing out there with me, it would have been scary…..around the backside of a building with no lights, no people and nothing behind you but a freeway and a field, just perfect for hiding bodies…..Anyway…..Just because I’m mean spirited I grabbed a hold of that door and shook it, hard. They both screamed, LOUD. It was very satisfying.

So the door gets unlocked….because who is going to see you when there is an empty field. I walk into the bathroom and Danyal is peeing in the “stall” and Maureen is standing in the corner, facing the wall with her hood up and cinched all the way tight.

It was like a scene out of Blair Witch. I honestly wish I could think to run back to my car to get my camera, because no description would do this bathroom any justice. I have never seen anything like it. It was the MOST disgusting place I have ever seen….I can’t even talk about it….Except I just did. For 3 paragraphs- really? Anyway, we all vowed never to speak of it again….oops- sorry Maureen- I bet you’ll reconsider state maintained rest areas now!

So we all get back in the car, douse ourselves with antibacterial gel and get back on the road. Everyone but me fell asleep, which actually made the drive pretty peaceful. I turned the radio up and sang all the way home. It was the only way to keep myself awake. I would say driving home after the show might not have been the BEST idea….but, when I felt myself slipping, I chain smoked and we made it in one piece. Without incident. YAY for us.

I dropped Maureen and Danyal off and Autumn & I went to meet Shana & Missy at the Murano.

The room was nice, but honestly….it was nothing compared to the Sutton Place…..but hey- you can’t expect full 2 bedroom suites everywhere you go….can you?

We looked through pictures and crashed….HARD….at about 4:30 am.

Shana was still on east coast time, so she was up early. SO Missy got up early…and made phone calls. So needless to say without separate bedrooms, we were all up….at 7:30. *sigh* it’s once in a lifetime right?!

Since we were up, Missy connected with some other blockhead friends of hers. Some from the boards, some from back in the day. We took showers and got ready, ordered some room service and had about 10 people in our room at one point.

Waiting to leave......

Gettin' Purdy

Blockheads unite!

One of Missy’s friends spent the morning trying to track down the guys. We were sure if they stayed in Tacoma, it would be at the Murano, but so far, no sightings. So phone calls were made and she found a manager, an assistant and some other people were staying at the Best Western near the T-dome. The Best Western? THE BEST WESTERN? No offense to the Best Western but WTF would the guys stay there for?

Missy & Shana were ready to go, Autumn & I were moving a little slower, so they left to stake out the BW. We took our time getting ready, thought about taking a nap and met the girls at the hotel. It had this great little setup for stalking, the restaurant had a patio area in the lobby, right in front of the elevators. SO we sat, drank coffee and soda and waited for the bar to open. Shana & Missy saw Zach- freshly showered coming out of the elevator (Zach is Donnie’s personal assistant) so we thought…..I guess they COULD be staying at the BW…..but its still hard to believe. We saw the dancers, chatted with the bus drivers. And hung out with some cool blockheads (also some REALLY ANNOYING blockheads).
Missy & Shana @ BW


Best Western "Cafe"

Once we realized they stayed in Vancouver Friday night, we all hung out at the bar. We could see the bus entrance from the bar, so everytime the girls all ran to one area and raised their signs, we knew something was going on.

Missy and her gift for Joe

One more shot.....to keep warm.......

We went outside just in time to see Jon entering the T-Dome. He walked by, waved and hid behind a van smoking. Then he came out and did this funny little hop thing…and went inside it was cute. We had a couple drinks and went to get in line for the VIP.

Tacoma VIP Girls
Click Click Click
Tacoma VIP Line
Missy- Trying to sneak in Griffin's turkey

I started some sh*t with the Kiss 106.1 reps. they were pimping their station, passing out bumper stickers etc. I said….if we put these on our cars….does that mean you will start playing some NKOTB? The b*tch got instantly defensive and said “we played them this summer” “Um….its November…” Then I think I may have told her where she can put her sticker. *shrug* I was sleep deprived. We danced and sang….KISS was playing their new album (bet they had to take the plastic off in the parking lot) and some old stuff. The dancing kept us warm….since they left us waiting outside for WAY too long….

They finally started letting us in at about 5:15 SHARP. Apparently while we were in line, we missed Donnie’s entrance and it was quite the scene.

The Tacoma VIP deserves its own post.....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vancouver VIP

OK there was a longer gap in posting than I planned….who knew that things like “work” and “family” would get in the way of blogging?

So Lets move on to the Vancouver VIP shall we?

After the other girls got in a cab and headed to the bar…..Shana, Missy & I got in line. Our directions were to be lined up outside a specific entrance at 4:30 SHARP! So we got there a little early and saw that we were pretty far back in line already. No worries. Except, we were standing outside and it was FREEZING.

Missy got a cold the day before we left, so she was struggling with the cold more than the rest of us. So we made sure she was bundled up.

We waited, and waited and waited. I don’t know if we ever got the official time, but I know it was after 5 when they opened those doors. We used the time to take pictures of each other and figure out how we were going to sneak our signs into the arena. I knew I was going to be heart broken if they were discovered and torn up. I figured out a way to fit them inside my jacket, through the sleeve and around my back and down the other sleeve. It worked pretty well….I only looked like half a hunch back. But Missy had to help me with things like picking up my purse, getting my paperwork out…..basically anything that involved bending my arms. I felt like the Tin Man….I kept saying “Oil can!” I don’t think anybody got it.


While we were in line Shana was working on Missy. Telling her that she thinks a couple beers would help her feel better. After all, alcohol kills germs why do you think they use it in hospitals?

So after they let us in, we rode the elevators only to pile out into another line….only this one wasn’t a line, it was a clusterf*ck. Seriously. I sat on the floor.

Eventually the line moved little by little as people checked in. Missy & I had planned to check only ONE of our cameras in and keep the other in our pockets, just in case. At one Meet & Greet in another city Donnie came out afterwards and said, if any of you were smart enough NOT to check your cameras, I will be doing individual pictures. We were prepared. But the rules clearly stated that if you were seen with a camera or a cell phone with a camera you would be escorted out. No questions asked. We were stealth like ninjas.

So we get into the room, and its REALLY nice. I remember thinking how cool it was in there, it was like a little lounge, with a full bar and the catering in one corner. I didn’t fully grasp HOW nice it was until Tacoma’s VIP- but that’s another post.

So we get our gift bags and our drink tickets and immediately go to the bar. The bartenders were only requiring drink tickets for the non beer and wine items. SWEET! Missy & shana drank beer all night and I got their drink tickets. We found out at the end of the night they should have been taking tickets for everything, but YAY for us!

We were having a great time. Missy was having a few drinks. We didn’t even realize the guys were apparently very late. We were oblivious. People were commenting on our shirts, everyone was in agreement, we kick ass.

So THEN….The guys come in. The room, which had already begun to get a little obnoxious, erupted into high pitch, beer fueled screams. We stand on our chairs and watch the tops of their heads enter the curtained off portion of the room. Chants break out (not by us) people are slapping the tables (again- not us) and the room is getting crazy.
They start to line up the groups…..we were in group K. We were so enamored with watching the curtained off area to get glimpses of the guys, we weren’t paying attention to what letters they were calling. The obnoxious “jersey b*tches” we making so much noise, Joe kept sticking his head out of the curtain and telling everyone to SHUT UP! It was great.

Apparently our letter group got in line, so we joined them. We discussed who was everyone’s favorite. It seems there were about 2 girls for every guy, I think so it seemed like it would all work out. The other Jordan girl was this tall beauty queen, Shana was bound and determined to get to him first.

So it’s time to go into the curtained area. And I have been warning everyone who will listen that in all likelihood, I was going to turn bright red, not be able to speak and pass out on the floor. Then it would take all 5 New Kids to carry my fat ass out of the room. Missy informed me if that happened, she was going to step over me to get to Donnie. She had planned on speaking for me, but when she got sick, she lost her voice. She was supposed to give Jon his gift, but backed out at the last minute, so right before we got in line; I shoved it in the back of my pants- we weren’t supposed to bring anything in with us.

So they open the curtains….its a group of about 8 or 9 of us. Missy and I are at the back of the group. Everyone else heads in there and we start walking in. Missy froze. She grabbed my hand, her mouth dropped open and she started backing up. I was thinking “OH HELL NO! We paid a LOT of money for this!” So I pulled her by the hand through the curtain and aimed her in the direction of Donnie. Once we were in there, she was perfectly fine.

The other Jordan girl was already sitting next to him and there was an empty seat next to him so as soon as Shana saw the opportunity she took off like Flo-Jo and planted herself (kind of violently) next to Jordan. Now, for those that you don’t know. The Knight brothers spook easily. Jordan jumped straight up in the air and said “WHOA!” Which was the perfect opportunity for me to sneak in and get a hug.

Missy was bound and determined to get to Donnie. She wasn’t kidding about stepping over me if I passed out. She went straight to Donnie, gave him her gift and they spent the entire time talking (with his arm around her neck). She kept him busy the entire time…I don’t know how many other Donnie girls were in there, but they lost out…Missy had dibs. Donnie really liked her gift, which was a digital keychain with pictures of them from back in the day. He asked her if she had a camera in her pocket. DAMMIT! NO! We left them in our purses, figuring there was NO way we were going to get away with taking pictures while in the curtained area, we should have known. But she DID have a Sharpie in her pocket. And even though we weren’t allowed, he signed her shirt. He is writing across her chest and the ILAA reps were yelling “NO AUTOGRAPHS!” I’m sorry….but who are you? He asked to sign her shirt….you cant argue with DONNIE F*CKING WAHLBERG!

To Missy: My Girl, Love Ya Always-Donnie

My plan was always to go directly to Jon. But I walk into the curtain and I can’t even see him…..well he was standing behind us, sucking down a bottle of water. I linger in that area to try to get to him when he is finished and I almost literally run into Joe. He gives me a hug (YAY!) and then holds me out at arms length; to read my shirt…..He turns me around and reads the back. Then he looks at me and says….”So…..are you trying to get people to kiss your boobs?!” LMAO! I said “Hey, its open for interpretation….if that’s where you want to kiss it….” Then he said something dirty and hugged me again. And he was wearing cashmere, so I petted him a little. It was fabulous.
I couldn’t have asked for a better interaction with any of the guys. What I SHOULD have said though, was the boobs were my goal, but I would settle for the cheek. But the beer and nerves got the best of me. But hey- at least he GOT the shirt. I was worried it might be a little TOO cryptic.

It worked on Shana!

So I hover over on that side waiting for Jon and they say picture time. So I end up in the back WAY in the back. And Jon finally comes back to the group and takes the only seat left which is on the other side of Shana (Lucky b*tch!). So we smile…. Take a couple pictures and then I find Jon.

So for some reason this part is a little hazy. I guess it was easier for me to talk to Joe, but Jon is a whole other story. I walk up to him, ask for a hug. He is also wearing something soft. And I grab his present and say something to the effect of….I know you said you didn’t want birthday presents, but I got you one anyway…..I hand it to him, except I think my hands are shaking….He looks at it and says its very cool and thanks me….I tell him its from a little local tavern in Seattle and I couldn’t resist. I THINK the entire time he has his arm around me, but I cant be sure. After the fact, I couldn’t remember if I even made eye contact with him. WTH is wrong with me? I must have right? I mean there is no way I just walked up to him with my head down and buried my face in his shoulder and never looked up….right…..RIGHT?! Gah! I vowed to redeem myself in Tacoma. So then I am so flustered, and they are kicking us out so I turn to leave, only the people in front of me aren’t moving so here I am with my back to Jon…..who, BTW is still rubbing my back….I totally could have turned around and gotten another hug, or looked him in the eye. SO LAME!

So that’s it, we leave the curtain area. And although based on the length of this post and descriptions, it really only lasted about 5 minutes. But its all about memories folks, and I will forever remember that I added like a total spaz in front of my first crush.

The other groups take their turns, we chug more beer, and the guys left.
The whole- checking out your camera thing was a nightmare, they were SO disorganized, it took forever. By the time we got back into the arena, went to the merchandise booth and bar. Both opening acts were over, the guys were getting ready to come on.

Vancouver Show Post later…….

I ALMOST FORGOT! Here are the VIP pictures from Vancouver...see thats me........WAAAAY in the back there....see? Standing next to strangers? Yup. Thats how a spaz does it......