Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We are leaving tomorrow!

I can't believe the day is FINALLY so close! It seemed like 7 months was SO FAR away when we bought the tickets......NOW I am leaving work early today and tomorrow, cuz there is just so much to do!!

I got my new van! YAY!! now we wont have to worry about breaking down on our way to Canada. Apparently my old van HATED canadians and made it obvious every time we went up there. Once, it broke down as soon as the border agent handed me back my birth certificate and said "Have a nice trip". The tansmission slipped, and it all went down hill from there. Then eventually it deteriorated into hysterical giggles...Danyal stuck her finger in my armpit, I shot M&M's out of my ass, and we were dangerously close to crashing more than once......ah.....good times.....We will miss you Petunia.

I would like to introduce you to....well she has been officially dubbed "the twat rocket" by least for this road trip. We will make many memories in this van, and what a way to break her in.....NKOTB ROAD TRIP!

Last weekend I went to Missy's house and we made signs.....What? Donnie told us to! check it out.

Here are our works of art.

I realized as we spent what felt like DAYS creating these things, both signs refer to our body type in some way. I told Missy it would have been more efficient if we just made signs that say "FAT GIRLS" with an arrow pointing down, alas.....maybe for the summer tour.
I have aspirations to make another sign and will post a pic if I have time to get it done before we leave.
I got my personalized t-shirts in the mail yesterday (THANK GOD!) so I think we are about ready to go.....just have to do a little shopping and PACK!
I will have plenty of pictures and stories to tell. Danyal is bringing her laptop, so if I get time I might be able to post a little as we go.
Drunken blogging- could get fun!

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