Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NK Weekend Part 1- Tacoma to Vancouver

WOW! I don’t even know where to begin. So I guess I will just start with Vancouver and go in order.

Incidentally lemme just say I am TOTALLY OK with Portland being cancelled. I am pretty sure if we had done 3 shows in 3 days, I would have died. I am still so exhausted I can hardly see straight and yesterday I f’ed up a bunch at work. I claimed deliriousness and told everyone we were just going to pretend that none of that happened. PLUS….did you see the AMA’s??! I was so nervous for them; these nationally televised things can go SO badly. I was hoping something would redeem them from their “View” performance.
And redeem themselves- they did. The sound wasn’t perfect, but they pulled it together and did an amazing job. The crowd jumped to their feet when they were singing Dirty Dancing. Which I really hope is their next single. It’s one of my faves. If you haven’t seen it-watch it. Lots of crotch grabbing, hip thrusting goodness. I squealed in my living room. My brother was not amused.

But I digress.

So Thursday, I was completely worthless at work. The only things running through my head all day were lists of things to do, things to pack, timelines, etc.

So I left work, ran home and met Autumn & Danyal. They helped me load the car and we went to Mt. Tahoma to help set up for the Relay For Life kickoff. It was fun. I was disappointed I couldn’t stay, but this trip was planned WAY too long ago and too much money has been spent.

The twat rocket- all decked out and ready to go!

We went and met Maureen,, dropped off her son and drove to Bellevue to drop off Phoebe. She was staying with Mike & Matthew and their 2 dogs. Mike met us at the door with a pitcher of cocktails…..the bar they have is quite impressive. So I had one little shot and even though Mike tried to plug my nose and force more drinks down my throat, I successfully fought him off with my ninja powers. I had to drive.

So the drive up there was uneventful, as far as I remember. We sang, ate, ran some errands and ended up at the border at about 10 or so. With plenty of time to get to duty free, which I checked- closes at 11pm (or so I thought!).

Before the trip, when I got my new van. I decided I wanted a GPS system, so I went and bought a Garmin Nuvi. On the way to Canada we discussed what to name her. I landed on Julie. I liked it immediately. Except I realized after the fact that I just really like to say “Thanks Julie!” because I am a loser Big Brother fanatic. *hangs head in shame*

Turns out- Julie’s a bitch who hates Canadians too and she was totally worthless past Bellingham.

So there is major construction at the peace arch and duty free has disappeared! We saw one on the other side, but it really wasn’t worth driving back through the border to the US and then back to Canada again just to get booze- plus the border agents probably would have given us cavity searches.

Crossing the border is always nerve wracking. I don’t know why. I don’t travel with anything illegal….but it always makes me feel like I am in trouble for something.

We pull up to the little booth (no line-BTW). I have everyone’s documentation in my hand. I roll down the window, try to hand the guy the papers and he looks at me like WTF? He asks me to open the back door so he can see who else is in my car…..since my windows are gangsta tinted.

He starts asking us questions….
Where are you going? NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK CONCERT!!!! (Another WTF face).
How long will you be here? We are coming back Friday night.
Where are you staying? Sutton Place.
How do you guys know each other? We’re friends.
No- How specifically do you know each other? (my turn for a WTF face)
Then I start babbling. Well….this one I grew up with, I used to braid her hair every morning before school….her mom used to pay me a quarter. Cuz her dad couldn’t braid, but really….what man can? This one I went to high school with. We were in choir together….incidentally her mom was a hairdresser, I bet SHE could have braided Autumn’s hair…..And Maureen? Well we met this random bitch at a bar….you see…she used to be bigger and really like our clothes which we got a fat girl stores, we almost beat her up cuz she’s skinny.

THEN he asks- So did you guys meet on the internet? Maureen is all over that one. “NO! Not the internet!”

He doesn’t bother to look at any of our paperwork; I still have it in my hand. He says have a good time, and we were on our way.

Then of course, we get lost in Canada….its TRADITION. And Julie can take a flying leap for all I care at this point. She is a hag. I hate her. Expand your horizons Julie! Step out of your comfort zone Julie! There are other places besides America in this world Julie! Damn, no wonder the rest of the world thinks we are arrogant asses.

We eventually make it to the hotel. Where Missy and Shana are already sleeping. They wake up and visit. We had big plans to go out in Vancouver but we were too tired. And we never did get liquor. So sad.
The Sutton Place was AMAZING! We got a 2 bedroom suite that was nicer than any apartment I have ever lived in, or been in- for that matter. Shana really hooked us up. Nobody ended up on the floor. We had a great view and so much room. It was cool.

So we got a late checkout- cuz 6 girls getting ready, takes a little while. And headed out for our day of stalking. Maureen, Autumn & I ate breakfast, exchanged some money and went to meet Shana & Missy at the arena. We pull into the parking garage ($20) and start getting ready. I was having um, issues and was going commando, so I needed a minute inside the van to change. Muhammad, the parking lot attendant came down and informed us we could not “hang out” in the parking lot all night. I informed him he better not come any closer, I was naked. He backed off.

Then when we were fully clothed he came back and informed us, the garage would be locked until 630pm, when the doors opened for the show. This was upsetting. That means I now had to figure out a way to carry 3 signs, 2 gifts, 2 cameras, my purse and a change of clothes with me all day. Not happy. Then I started to charm our new friend Muhammad. And we ended up getting access to our car whenever we wanted. We just had to drop Muhammad’s name when Pacifica came on during the shift change. NICE! He ended up giving me my money back cuz I was on the VIP list, even though we weren’t allowed to park until about 3 hours later.

Hmmmmm now I am wondering exactly how much he saw when he approached the van the first time. Since we were friends, I flat out asked him if the New Kids were here yet. He of course told me, the celebrities don’t exactly check in with him, but he would keep an ear out and let us know. We love Muhammad.

So then we joined Missy in Shana in the vigil already taking place next to the loading docks. Apparently the had already seen Natasha Bedingfield come in, and all the NKAdd Image dancers…..but no NK, yet. There were only about 15 of us, so chances were good if the guys pulled in, we could get autographs or something since the likelihood of being mobbed was low. We stood watch and saw Jordan, Danny and Joe come in. Shana was overcome with excitement and as soon as she realized who was getting out of the van she screamed JORDAN!!! Lol it was great. All of them basically snuck in. We got pictures of their backs. But when Joe got out he stopped and waved. I don’t think any of us got it on film, but it was fun nonetheless. The best part was Shana had her camera in hand and in position. But when Joe turned to wave, she put her camera down to wave back. What? It would have been rude to just ignore him.

That’s about as exciting as it got standing outside the arena. We went back into the parking garage like the rock stars we are. Waved at Muhammad, who DID notice that our posse had grown since last time. But no worries- they’re with us. We change, reapplied makeup and perfume and went to get in line at the VIP. Autumn, Maureen and Danyal went to find warmth at a bar until the doors opened for the concert.

More later- Damn I talk a lot.

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