Thursday, October 30, 2008

What kind of girl are you?

So…..Who’s your favorite?

It seems like an odd question. But for fans of the guys, it’s a common conversation. You meet someone, find out they are a fan and the first thing you want to know is who is YOUR favorite?

Recently I was introduced

“Sarah, this is my friend ________ she is a Jordan/Joe Girl…….Sarah is a Jon/Donnie Girl”

It’s a label, and we wear them proudly. Your favorite says a lot about your personality.

So I have been conflicted. My faves have been flip-flopping more than John McCain. I can’t help it.

Jon has been my favorite since I was a kid. None of my other friends agreed with me- which worked out well, because then we didn’t have to argue about who was going to marry who. I think Jon was always my fave because he was the shy one, and so was I. Everyone thought I was insane, I was the ONLY Jon girl I knew. Imagine my surprise when they reunite and Jon is one of the MOST popular NK?

Back then I was a Jon/Joe girl. And my best friend Heidi was a Donnie/Joe girl, I think. Her older sister was a Jordan girl…poor Danny.
So we decided I would marry Jon, Heidi would marry Donnie and we would have affairs with Joe….WTF? In fifth grade I was planning infidelity.

Donnie has turned my head a lot during this reunion. He is sincere with the fans. So appreciative that we are all still nut jobs, he loves it. And loves us, and doesn’t hesitate to show it. Hence the MANY pictures of him making out with fans. YES!

But I think I have decided (for this week, at least) I can’t stray from Jon. He has come out of his shell SO much this tour. It’s amazing. When they performed at the MOA he looked so unsure of himself and nervous. He even stepped back from one of the dances to compose himself. NOW, he is doing the butt and dancing on top of pianos.

And that makes me happy. Not to mention is blogs over at and just LOOK AT HIM!

So, tell me…..Who’s YOUR Favorite?

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