Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm Sorry.....I Fare Thee Well......

I know, I SUCK at blogging. I promise to attempt to get better…..somewhere around December, hopefully.

Right now I am going to hijack my blog that is supposed to be about my wonderful son (who is doing GREAT BTW- I had my very first positive parent-teacher conference last week….who knew you weren’t supposed to cry at those things?).

This Blog is now becoming my NKOTB journal. I am doing this less for your benefit, and more for mine. I want an outlet to keep track of all the happenings just so I don’t forget. This kind of thing APPARENTLY only happens twice in a lifetime, and the first time I was too young to truly enjoy it.

Lemme back up……….

The New Kids On The Block Got Back Together!!

If you didn’t know that, or are rolling your eyes, get off my blog…….

Seriously……I mean it.

Tickets for this tour went on sale in May ……They had an American Express only pre-sale…..So of course, I applied, was approved and used said card to purchase my tickets. And then proceeded to dance down the aisles of the supermarket singing for about 2 hours. I was high on nkotb, what can I say?

Autumn, Danyal & I decided we would go to Vancouver, BC to make it a fun girls weekend. Danyal & I have a history with Vancouver, BC……it’s a love-hate thing. We wanted to go cheap. But even with the AmEx presale, an hour after tickets went on sale the best we could get were nosebleeds. WTH? So we decided to go not so cheap and ended up in Section 115 Row 8. YES!!!

Then we decided, we needed to go to Tacoma also. Danyal didn’t want to do both so Autumn & I got row 24 on the floor!

Then, it got out of hand………..

I had been keeping up on all their press appearances via a fan forum. BH4U!!!
And somehow, I got sucked into this 13 year old girl HYSTERIA that has surrounded these guys since day 1.

I have to say, I remember it……. I had the PJ’s, the sheets, my bedroom walls were completely covered with pictures I tore out of Bop and Tiger Beat, but I was 11 when they were cool and had to BEG my parents just to get nosebleed tickets for my birthday to the show at the Kingdome…..but this time around? So much better!
Yes, the guys are older, but so are we. And how creepy would it be for a bunch of 30 something mom’s to be screaming hysterically after a bunch of teeny boppers? So gross! And to be honest, the guys….only got sexier with age. We’ve already had nkotb parties, where we all watched their Today Show appearance and one for the live VH1 special and a CD release party. And this weekend is our strategy planning weekend.

They released their new CD in Sept and as anybody who has ridden in my car, been to my house or works near me. I have practically been listening to nothing else, it’s amazing. Maureen even told me the other day- She didn’t think anything could top Hangin’ Tough, but this CD is SO good, it’s at the top of my list! (as far as NK goes, of course)

So I had a little extra money (before the layoff) and decided….. what the hell. I have never met them, never even had the chance….so Autumn & I decided to get VIP tickets to Tacoma instead which includes a Meet & Greet. I sold my floor seats to Maureen & Rainbow. And just like that, Autumn & I were going to touch the New Kids!!!! Squeeeeeee!!!.

In the meantime, Missy was over her New Kids obsession…..she’s a mom now, things are different than 1990. She was going to go to Tacoma, but wasn’t interested in getting sucked back in.

HA! I showed her……

So we ended up buying tickets to 3 shows. It’s an illness, we can’t stop.

Missy’s friend Shana decided to fly up for the NK shows so they could re-live their teenage years together, just like the first time.

So this is the lineup for our NK weekend…….

Nov. 21st – Vancouver BC
Missy, Shana & I- 5* VIP
Autumn, Danyal & Maureen Section 115

Nov 22nd – Tacoma, WA
Missy, Maria, Shana, Autumn & I – 5* VIP
Maureen, Rainbow – Row 24

Nov 23rd – Portland, OR
Missy, Shana & I – 12th row floor

Then last week, the announcement that NKOTB will be performing on the AMA’s. YAY!!!!
It’s Nov 23rd So the Portland concert is cancelled BOO!!!

I’m not gonna lie, it hurt. I was upset.

But at least we still have Vancouver & Tacoma.

And the whisperings of a possible Summer Tour.

So the prep already started long ago. And with today marking exactly a month from our first concert, I thought I would get the blog going……

So there you have it, in a nut shell. I’m crazy, I’m a blockhead. But if you know me, you were already well aware.

If you want nothing to do with my NKOTB chronicles, please come back to my blog in December sometime when I am sure I will have plenty of David and Christmas updates to post.

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