Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's times like these, I wish I had a man in the house......

About a week ago, I am sitting in the living room and David is in the bathtub. I hear him calling……”mom? Can you come here for a second?”
“What’s the matter David?”
“I don’t know…..there is something weird here”
“what is it?”
“You’re gonna have to come here, there are these bumps……”

Oh shit! My mind immediately goes ‘measles? Mumps? Tumor?’

David comes walking out of the bathroom in a towel and says “these bumps….They feel like eggs”
As he drops the towel and is pulling on his balls.
My son discovered his testicles……..

……Such is my life.

Today I have a teacher conference and David gets to have blood drawn, I will post about it later. I am debating on whether I should be the good, supposrtive mom and hold my baby's hand or if I should take pictures. We shall see.

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