Thursday, January 24, 2008

Out with the old

I have decided.
It's time.
Time to let go and move on.
I am chopping my hair off. New start. Here is an example of the style I have chosen.
Now obviously....Mandy Moore's got NUTTIN on me.....

You might not have seen me in a while and my profile pic is from my last haircut. But let me tell you, its much longer now.
Its also much thinner, much more damaged and much grayer (is that a word?).
If I have 8 inches to cut off, I can donate to locks of love, but for some reason I don't think anyone would want a wig made out of my hair.
I will post before and after pics when I can. My appointment is next Tuesday at 3. Danyal is going for moral support and I am gonna have to have a drink before hand.....and maybe during.

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