Thursday, January 24, 2008


So tonight is David's theater debut!

He is in a play with his class. They are doing a selection of "twisted Fairy Tales". As I understand it, there are 4 stories in total. David is in 2 of them, but only has one line in one of the plays.
The other is called "Cindermama" and he is the fairy godfather. The play is really cute, his part is really funny and I really, really hope he does well.
He is nervous. Extremely nervous. I don't think the performance is the only issue. But he has ALWAYS been hypersensitive to being laughed at.
This poses a problem for tonight given he is wearing a purple hat, a cape and carrying a magic golf club.
And his first line is "Cool out Cindermama! I'm like, you know.....your fairy godfather"
I am giggling just typing it.
I really hope he doesn't get his feelings hurt when people laugh. I tried and tried to explain to him, they are not laughing at YOU, they are laughing at the play because it's funny!
I will be attempting to record all of this as it happens so I can post it on this blog. It willbe my first attempt to upload and post a video, so hopefully it will work.
My dad is going with me so we should be able to get some still shots, if nothing else.
Cross your fingers for Day-Day!

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