Thursday, December 27, 2007


2007 Is just about gone. In 2008 I plan to be better about documenting our lives a little better. I want to take more pictures, and video and keep track of the things that go on in my life and David's.

2007 was a pretty big year.
in 2007 we.....

David started 2nd grade this year at Lowell. He seems to be doing a lot better, but its still a struggle to balance his meds and his behavior.

Went to Disneyland in March. David's first trip and my first real vacation since before David was born. We went with Carrie, Paul and Brett. Luke (Dopey) was too young to enjoy it, so he stayed with his grandparents.

In May Grandpa was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He underwent 18 rounds of Chemo and is currently in remission! For Father's Day My dad and David shaved their heads so grandpa wouldn't feel self conscious about his hair loss. They all looked so cute in their matching news boy hats!

In June we participated in our 2nd year or Relay For Life. We raised almost $7000. It was a lot of work with car washes, impossible rummage sales etc. But its always worth it in the end. 2008 is shaping up to be an even better Relay.

In July we moved! Danyal, David & I went from a tiny 2 bedroom apartment to a huge 4 bedroom house with a fully fenced yard in the North End of Tacoma. Although our money is stretched even thinner, the house is great. There is so much room and David can finally play outside. In September Adam moved in with us after leaving Anchorage, so we are a little more cozy, a little more messy, but its a little more affordable too. The addition of a yard means we were finally able to get a dog! Phoebe entered our life in July and we ADORE her! She is a great addition to our family

In August we went to Roche Lake again. Much different trip than last year, but fun nonetheless. Instead of stifling hot weather it was cloudy and cool. No complaints from me. This was also the first time I saw you-know-who since "the incident" was....interesting. Oh, and guess who is getting married! (not me) We got silly and drank. Met some interesting people and some silly Canadian boys were throwing rocks at the cabin most nights.....oh, to be young again and searching for boys throughout the resort. I remember "hunting" with Ashley like it was yesterday. Maybe next year Megan can bring a friend and they can roam free.... But we will have to watch her with the deet, she can't be trusted. We rode a real life steam engine and met Billy Miner. He felt Danyal up. Good times.

In October I had my 10 year reunion.....10 YEARS?!! Our wonderful student council didn't step up to organize it so some of my friends volunteered to do it. I offered to help, because you know....I'm the planning Nazi. So we worked REALLY REALLY hard to pull it all together and I think we did a damn fine job. Even if our classmates don't appreciate it. The event broke even, and most importantly everyone had a good time. We even had some of our teachers show up.

Christmas is over (mostly) and thank god for that! I am exhausted. I attempted to paint wine glasses for gifts this year, apparently that project was a little too big of an undertaking for my non-crafty self. It took over my house, my wallet and my life and they arent even done....maybe they will be New Year's presents. David got WAY too much stuff. But I felt like he deserved it this year, my Christmas bonus made many more things possible this year then in years past.....he got a trampoline from me, a WRFF from my dad (google it) and a skateboard from Santa. Not to mention presents from his dad, grandparents friends and aunts and uncles. That is one spoiled boy!

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So thats our 2007 in a nutshell. There will be no nutshell for 2008, hopefully I will be keeping current on the blog and I will have 2008 documented.
I plan on buying a video camera and fixing my camera, so hopefully this blog will be filled with both!

Goodbye 2007 bring it on 2008!!